Open Today:08:30 AM-11:30 PM

Dress Code:T-shirt and Formal Trouser


The FiLLi brand is synonymous with tea and our ambition is to share the great taste and experience of FiLLi with everyone! Three phrases is all it takes to describe FiLLi. Tea n’ Talk: There is always time to have your tea and finish all your talk at FiLLi. Signature Zafran Tea: Our unique blend of FiLLi Zafran Tea gets credit in making what FiLLi is today. FiLLi Experience: Whether spending time with family and friends, or taking a break from work, our customers are encouraged to take full advantage of the luxurious surroundings and relaxing ambience existing in each FiLLi store. Zafran is the signature tea blend of FiLLi which made it the brand that it is today.

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